Montegrappa Ducale Grande Fountain Pen – 18K Yellow Gold

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The Ducale Grande fountain pen is now available in the popular marble brown acrylic, that many know from the traditional Ducale series. The first Grande introduction from 2017 was made in black resin and was limited to 100 units worldwide. The black model sold out rather quick and its clear that the brown will follow trend. We did increase the production by 100 to 200 units, as the combination of marble brown and rose gold trim is quite alluring. We have captured a few photos, but seeing the pen on screen is no match for viewing the pen in person.

Of course it’s the size that is most distinguishing. The original Ducale is substantial, but the Grande is a beast, well a beauty of a beast. The pen is 6 ½” long and boasts an impressive gold plated crown and clip. At the center of the crown, you will find the iconic Montegrappa logo and the end of the clip features the signature rolling ball. You will also find the limited number beautifully engraved on the crown opposite the logo, 18K nib.