Montegrappa Pen of Peace Rollerball

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To celebrate the peace sign and all it symbolises, Montegrappa has created a limited edition to mark the year of its creation, with 1958 pieces each in the formats of fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen. The fountain pen is both cartridge and converter fed, and the nib is made in 18k gold, embellished with the symbolic Dove of peace etching.

Montegrappa has applied the peace symbol to the pen’s cap top and the end of the signature clip, characterised by a sky-blue enamel filling. Surrounding the cap top is a laser-cut stylised pattern of the children holding hands in a circle for peace. Of special significance is the design that decorates the pen’s resin barrel and cap, its subtle meaning recalling the concept that “the pen is mightier than the sword”: engraved in the two sections is the word for “peace” in 15 different languages.

Normal fonts would not suffice. Instead, the Pen of Peace is adorned with exquisitely executed mono-word calligraphic artwork, created especially for Montegrappa by Jake Weidmann, one of the world’s most skilled calligraphers. Montegrappa is delighted to announce that Mr Weidmann will also be part of the official presentation of this exciting writing instruments project.

All 15 languages are highlighted by the Pen of Peace’s unique feature: the body contains a special mechanism fitted with micro-ball bearings that allows the barrel to rotate, so the user can position his or her language of choice at the front of the pen, lining it up with the clip.

This clever device resolved the issue of “Which language should be in the front?” The technical solution devised by Montegrappa pleased all the guests present at its inception, proving that there is always a solution if one really wants to find it, and that Peace is the only answer, as always...