Aurora 88 Nebulosa Limited Edition

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The beautiful barrel pattern is designed to emulate cosmic nebula, or interstellar clouds that form our universe. Just like all Aurora pens, the Nebulosa is produced entirely in Aurora's factory in Turin, Italy. The cap and barrel is a shining purple Auroraloid with a black resin section, tip of the cap, and piston knob. All metal accents are plated in rose gold and match the 18k rose gold nib.

Just like the Sole, the Nebulosa is a partial demonstrator with an ink window just past the section. In addition, the ink reservoir uses Aurora's unique design. Once the pen runs out of ink, a couple twists of the piston knob releases a stored amount of ink that keeps it writing and gives the author time to look for a refill.

18K Gold Rose Nib, Piston Filler System