Officine Meccaniche Armando Simoni, and it became known by the acronym O.M.A.S. One of Simoni's earliest pen inspirations was the famous Arte Italiana, with 12 facets reminiscent of the Doric columns that also inspired the Eversharp pens. The Arte Italiana became a world renowned classic that endured for decades in the luxury pen market. He was later recognized as Cavaliere della Corona d’Italia - Knight of the Italian Crown - and thereafter was known as Il Cavaliere.

Limited Edition

A.S.C.Arlecchino 2 Fountain Pens Collection

A.S.C.Arlecchino 2

One of the most storied pens to have come from the workshop of Armando Simoni is the Arlecchino. Leg ...

Ogiva Arco Tribute Fountain Pens Collection

Ogiva Arco Tribute

This Limited Edition of 58 fountain pens is a tribute to Armando Simoni, the founder of OMAS, who ...


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